It never sounds much when you look at the day\s route and mileage in the morning, 350km. Open roads, no traffic  – in camp in time for a spot of lunch!

This obviously never happens so we are fortunate that the Nomad’s provide a packed lunch for the day. Matt and I tend to press on throughout the day and survive on water, fruit from the camp and the dwindling supply of fig bars brought from HK, all eaten while moving. Traffic is not one of the problems we face but it cannot be ignored as there is the very occasional truck or SUV that does come the other way if you are close to any settlements – a few of the competitors have had near misses as they crest a ridge at speed – the rules of the roads apply to the tracks as well so it pays to keep to the right and we take a bot of care on the crests – not least because shooting up a beautifully sandy hill at speed is very little guarantee of a suitable soft landing the other side.


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