As we near UB the scenery changes. The off-road has been tough, we hear of quite a few automotive casualties, big rocks in the middle of the road and some very rough stretches. One of the front wheels is scuffing on the arch – broken shock absorber would not be a surprise – so we ease up (we weren’t going that fast in the first place in this terrain) and take the road stretch at a steady pace. We have still hit all the Time Controls and so still in the hunt for a Gold Medal in Paris.

We have the luxury of staying at the Shangri-La in UB, Matt tells me this is the place that the UB in-crowd frequent. However after 2 nights here – there is a rest day (work on car day) tomorrow we are then heading into Northern Mongolia and 6 nights of camping!!

Quick – room service and a hot shower.

L1000209Day 4: