The final event of the rally as we all gather at the very grand Intercontinental Paris Le Grand for the gala dinner. Amazingly there is both a slick photo recap of the whole event and a cool video – how these were edited in such short order I am not sure. After dinner there are the presentations and we get to go up on stage twice, for our silver medal and then for the class award.

The turnout is impressive, as expected, and the event spills out of the main room into an adjoining space. Sadly though this means that there is not that much chance to say goodbye to many of our fellow competitors.

The last day has been a bit of a rush and it’s hard to think that it is now over and we have to get back to real life!

I will be heading back with Laura and the kids to the UK to see family and, I am told, that we are driving down to Cornwall for a week!.. Fortunately this is not in the Jag.


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