After China, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland we cross our last border into our 11th country. Had it not been for the enthusiastic farewell from the Swiss side we would have not noticed one of the least noticeable border crossings ever. A nice gesture and appreciated.

We are departing from the route book for the first time on the whole rally today – we have over 500km to drive from Lausanne to Reims and the route book suggests a long day of no-doubt very pretty B roads that has us getting in after 7pm. The French authorities, in light of the tragic events in Nice and the general level of security now here, have insisted that we all follow the scheduled route but I’m not sure how this is relevant or how they will monitor it. The organisers have suggested that anyone who fails to check in at the Passage Controls will be ‘fined’ an amount per PC for charity.

Bit the competition is over and we have only one aim and that is to get the car safely to Paris. We are unlikely to cause the police concern and the ‘fine’ is acceptable, and it’s for charity, and so we head for the Route des Anglais autoroute and a smooth and uneventful drive up to Reims.


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