All the posts are now heavily leaning towards ‘the last of’ whatever it is – much as, despite Matt’s sterling work on the rear suspension, the Jag is still heavily leaning to one side. Actually it’s not ‘heavily’ but it is noticeable as is the fact that we are getting more comments on ground clearance (or lack of it). All the shocks have been changed (some more than once) and adjusted, one of the rear springs has been changed and Matt and I alternate between driving and navigating so it can’t be put down to a heavy navigator. It is unbelievable that we got this car, with relatively few issues compared to many of the other crews, to this point so we accept a little gentle settling with good grace.

Despite the plan there is not a direct autoroute from Lausanne so we do stick to the route book for the first 100km and we are treated to more beautiful countryside and pretty farming villages on both sides of the border. The roads are smooth and fast,  it’s always been a shame that the Swiss authorities don’t seem to like cars and definitely don’t like any possibility of speeding as they have some fantastic and frequently empty sweeping country roads. The threat of the Swiss police is always severe and we do take it easy but the roar of a Swiss registered 911 disappearing fast into the distance implies a certain laissez-faire attitude amongst some of the locals.

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