We arrived last night in the chic resort of St Moritz and to another civic welcome in the centre of town. Passing Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Valentino is a world away from where we have been so far – and as we then carried on to our hotel we seemed to be slipping back as the headed out to what seemed to be the less chic part.. the nearby Coco boutique was certainly not Chanel. However we were heading to the Kempinski and order was restored. The following morning I took a few pics of some of the other classics – including the Escort of Steve and Nigel from HK who seemed to have arranged valet delivery of their car – not sure the Kempinski was used to valet parking an old Escort!

In Switzerland, especially, our arrival is greeted not only by the crowds but by a local selection of classic cars. This morning, amongst others, a lovely red E-Type FHC was parked outside the hotel and an immaculate black Lancia Integrale. Without wishing to upset the Jag, the Integrale would be my first choice for the day ahead!


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