Another carefully organised arrival as we seem to take over a large swathe of the town’s hotels for a night. The Rolls Royce of the Sias, the Malaysian father and son team, has been granted VIP parking since it’s return from a fire early in the rally. While the rank and file go to underground car parks, working areas and around the back of hotels the RR gets pride of place outside every hotel entrance. It is beautiful and most hotels like fancy cars up front and so this is not a surprise – but of course the real reason is that it just doesn’t fit in most underground car parks or if it did would probably take all night to manoeuvre into place.

Having just had this chat with the Sia senior in Ljubljana last night the influence has obviously rubbed off, as we are parked with the Rolls in pride of place right outside our hotel.

The days are passing fast as tomorrow we leave Italy and head for St Moritz and then Lausanne, Reims and Paris and it’s all over.


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