There are about 8 Volvos on the rally including 4 Amazons and in fact Amazons are 2nd, 12th and 15th in the Classics category. Richard Allen and Graham York are 15th in No 72 and just negotiating to borrow our trolley jack for the afternoon, a easy negotiation as it’s heavy and so reduces our load – they rather unsportingly decline to carry anything else for us.  Claudine Bloom and Andrew Twort in No 64 are 12th despite always looking as though they are just out for a Sunday drive. Looks can be deceptive and having completed more than 100 rallies, though not the P2P before, they are very capable of making unfussy and drama free progress every day. We followed them for a short distance and despite the extra furry passenger they keep up quite a pace.

I forgot to get the name of the teddy..

IMG_2280 IMG_2295IMG_2296