I have been taking pictures of some of the other cars en route but as some of the competitors are sadly dropping out I am now starting to be a bit more thorough.

14: 1929 Chrysler 75 of Bruce & Harry Washington – winning the vintage race

33: 1936 Ford Coupe of Jim & Tanya Clarke – currently running 5th in the vintage race

20: 1933 Alvis Firefly of Alex Vassbotten & Ole Havn – 13th in the vintages

5: 1923 Vauxhall OD 23/60 of Max & Julie Stephenson – Max has done pretty much every endurance rally going including a 16,000km one of his own devising with a few mates. He also fixes everyone else’s cars alongside the sweeps. However, we often pass them on the road as Julie, determined to see the countries up close, has him stopping to chat to the locals, have tea in yurts and milk the goats!  Any rough roads and they sail past us again.

23: 1935 Bentley Derby 3 1/2 of Willy Van Loon & Koen Van Den Broek – 12th in the vintages

88: 1954 Sunbeam Alpine of David & Jo Roberts – fronted by one of the all conquering Datsun 240Zs. The Sunbeam is leading our class and we are not closing the gap.



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