After the rare occurrence of knowing the name of a church we are now back to un-named churches in un-named towns – my future is not that of a travel writer it seems.. and while pushing in to the front of a queue has sometimes been necessary as we get close to boiling point (old Jag’s overheat quickly) the Bentley here is adopting the art of the Italians and brazenly heads down the wrong side of the road.

We head for Zavidovo, our overnight stop. After city centre hotels and rush-hour arrivals and departures arriving at the Radisson Resort is a bit of a surprise. The hotel is set in a 1250 square kilometre nature reserve that is described by UNESCO as one of the most environmentally sound destinations in the world – until 100 smoky engines arrived that is. For some reason I would not have expected that description to be of a place in Russia – displaying yet another preconception.

It has been a very hot day, the weather for the most part warm and sunny which meant that the interior of the Jag was, for the most part, extremely hot and sweaty and strapped in with full harnesses it is not the most comfortable place to be. After looking at the open cars in the rain with an unavoidable smugness the boot is on the other foot right now and despite the exceptional location that we find ourselves in I am ashamed to say that the bar and a cold beer proves a far more enticing option.

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