Having started the day on the N-ring track we end at a small dirt circuit and a tarmac hill climb. The rain seems to be holding off as we start the dirt circuit and what looks soft and very sandy, as we watch the cars in front of us, is in fact a bit harder on the far side of a small, hilly and fast circuit.

Completed in a blur we move from the dirt circuit onto the tarmac hill climb but the rain comes down hard and the blur is now trying to see through a wet and dirty windscreen onto the tight and twisty mini-circuit. This hill climb is not just a climb but a descent as well and the descent is more challenging that the relatively straightforward climb. The rain and the Armco are not a good mix but we keep them apart and after a third shock to the Jag’s system for the day we head for the hotel – annoyingly some 80km away.

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