Driving on the banks of the Volga we approach Nizhny Novgorod and a first welcome in Victory Park overshadowed by the grand Kremlin. Every city should have one and, as it just means ‘citadel’, most of the big cities we are visiting do. Victory Park is an open-air military museum with tanks and a Mig23 so while I am yet to see a Russian military convoy on the roads this is a good start. As usual the welcome is amazing and the turnout huge.

A beautiful evening, and finally time and energy (and guilt) suggests a walk might be a good idea. Our hotel overlooks the Volga and is situated right on Lenin Square so leaving the man himself presiding over our own convoy I head across the huge river to inspect Saviour Cathedral on the other side.

I write this specifically as I have actually learnt the name of one of the myriad churches that we have taken photos of. As I have mentioned before, following the Tulip diagrams in the route book and the GPS navigation instead of a proper map (and not reading Russian) means that we are passing through towns, villages and past amazing churches and cathedrals without knowing any of the the names.

We could use the map as well but it wouldn’t help navigation and getting lost in the middle of Russia is not high on our list of things to do. Self preservation trumps knowledge in this case.


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