I gather that arranging our stay in Perm was more troublesome than most places we are visiting. This was a closed city in the Cold War and the hotel made that somewhat apparent – shades of student digs again. But, also once again, the welcome from the locals is amazing and any idea of working for too long on the cars tonight is shelved as there is barely room to move.

We may not be the most photographed car on the Endurorally website but we misty have one of the most photographed car mascots. At every stop the shiny chrome ‘Jaguar’ is the subject of endless close-ups and I am also sure it will easily be the shiniest part of the car (possibly the only shiny part) at the end of the rally – it is a little like the toe of some religious statue that people rub for good luck.

IMG_1809 IMG_1810 IMG_1803 IMG_1807 – and another welcome commi