A very welcome easy day of only 360km and, apart from a small section off-road, all on tarmac. As we leave Tyumen lots of very interesting buildings cause slight regret at not having explored a little last night.

Our navigation has been pretty good but if any mistakes are made the morning, city start is a prime contender.  The rush hour traffic is heavy and the gap between turns are short and there are more options as to which one is the actual turn. The Tulip charts and the Monit trip meter work on .01 of a km so any delay in hitting the interim re-set button can mean you could misread the next corner. We do have the GPS and can use that to head in the right direction and re-join the route, so saving the need to turn around and retrace our steps. However, this morning as we arrived at a residential cul-de-sac, rather surprising the residents, it was apparent that heading back to the main road was the best option. Once there the sight of a few more P2P competitors gave confidence that we were on the right route. It is a simple, maybe misguided, instinct that if you see one car and follow it believing that they know the route it is a risk, but if you see several then you are probably back on track – this is despite my earlier comment that sometimes it is only one car that might know why they are heading somewhere and everyone else is following blindly!

Fortunately we are not in this position very often as the navigation is not tough and we seem to get to where we need to be.

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