700km on pretty boring roads with a lot of overtaking – a RHD car adds to the excitement but generally the road os straight and overtaking is despatched fairly easily. The off road timed sections had to be cancelled, unfortunately this was an ‘on the hoof’ decision as the weather changed and the deluge turned the section too knee deep mud. Not a huge problem for us, in fact a relief, as we are not riding well and the underside is still scraping over the mildest of undulations. Even as we leave the time control on the very rough tarmac heading for the section we are not looking good. A few km in we see a lot of cars coming back towards us, including many of the leading vintage cars that we rarely see on the road. I am convinced that only a few of the returning cars actually know why they are returning but there is an obvious and powerful pull to turn round and follow – which we do.We rejoin the man road and head too Omsk and another enthusiastic welcome to the secure, roped off car park in the centre of town.