It is a short day today, though the crossing took up a few hours, so we arrive at the campsite pretty early. A stage has been constructed  which is not a great omen – especially as showers and loos have not been. I am also lacking a working tent and there are no Nomads to set up one of the yellow ones for me – the same set up is not repeated on the Russian side so I get my ‘air’ tent out and test to see if it might make the night.

The campsite is tonight’s entertainment for the local town, (as well as the techno thumping from the stage). so we are thronged by hundreds of very friendly Russians who wander amongst the cars taking selfies and asking for autographs – not expecting to see ours offered on Ebay.

Matt and I decide to give the techno a miss and try for an early night and my tent seems to be holding up so all looks good. Unfortunately the kids, excited by all the cool cars, also seem to get excited by the cool air tent = frequent exploratory squeezing of the air supports – I have a leak, this is not helping!

As it turns out my tent is not holding up at all and 5, or more, I have no idea, times in the night I wake to find my face draped in cold canvas (or whatever ‘super material’ such tents are made of now). I have to stick my hands out of the tent and to pump furiously for a couple of minutes and order is restored – for about an hour or two, then draping again. Scarily it feels like waking up in a body bag – so no more box sets.  Matt emerges rested and refreshed for the day ahead and seems to head off rather quickly to the breakfast tent when seeing the state of my tent.



IMG_1618 IMG_1616