The next river is fast flowing and quite deep which explains the queue. We watch a few of the late vintage cars barely stop to check and sail across and then watch in quick succession one of the 40’s Chevys and one of the Volvo Amazons get stuck – the Amazon driver becoming conspicuously annoyed as the towing crews ignore him while hooking up one of the car on the bank .

There are 2 routes through – one seems deeper and one has a rock that some of the cars are washed into in the centre of the crossing. We take the discretion being the better part of valour and accept a tow as do the majority of the classics. Water mixed in the engine oil would not be a great idea – I added the (not very good) shot of the AMC, which is quite a high car for a classic as proof that it wasn’t as shallow as the photo of our own crossing seems to suggest.

Unfortunately missed in person but seen on video is one of the Porsche 356s actually floating – they did make it to the other side.

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