Our nightly struggle with stick absorbers continues in camp. We changed all the shocks for very hi-performance, oil filled Ohlin shocks which we were ‘indestructible’ and would ‘outlast the car’. For anyone who doesn’t look at shocks that often the curved bit at the top of the Ohlin on the left is not supposed to be a curved bit. Various suggestions that it might help on the right hand tracks in Europe are not considered to be of much help.

Matt has changed the bent Ohlin – unfortunately while we did bring spare shocks we brought the originals (on the right) that were on the car so tomorrow we will have to take it a bit more carefully. We are also still getting the front wheel arch rubbing on the tyre and this has now cracked the wheel arch and we may have to take the drastic step of cutting back the arch. Sacrilege for some but it is unlikely that this Jag will return to city-cruising detail, it will remain a rally car, so these modifications are what the rally are showing us are necessary.

There are a lot of posts on some days and few on others – for no particular discernible reason. The bunching of posts is also due to the last 6 days being mostly out of coverage areas in Mongolia – though it was bizarre to go a couple of days with nothing and then suddenly have a deluge of emails while driving through some extremely remote village. We could tell when this would happen as the kids were either just waving (no coverage) or snapping us with their smartphones (coverage) – not many places are really remote anymore!

10 days in we are still in line for a Gold medal but the priority on the road remains to get to Paris.

Russia tomorrow