The attrition rate is, so we are told, pretty high this time. The cars are better prepared than in the past and quite a few of the drivers are on their second or third P2P and many of the newcomers have done Madrid-Marrakech or some other shake-down for this P2P so whether this means they are going faster and therefore more prone to breaking I’m not sure. It is also the case that the tracks have been a lot worse than in the past.

It’s difficult to get a true picture of what cars are where but recent days have ended on the back of truck for many of the competitors. The camp rumours are also rife – the beautiful Phantom Rolls that I had heard was burnt to a crisp apparently only suffered a minor fire and will rejoin further down the line. Quite a few cars have rolled including the Capri, a Volvo and 2 40’s Chevys but there are no injuries. However despite being on the flat-bed trucks, rolling, being towed into camp or sundry other misfortunes there are very few actual retirements – just slight delays in progress. Of the rollers, the Capri and Volvo barely stopped and certainly one of the Chevys is due back pretty soon.