Not only has the scenery changed as we moved across Poland and Slovakia but the sense of moving West has increased and the feeling of prosperity also. One of the comments heard most as we moved to the Polish border was to question why so many Poles were living in the UK? The sun was out and the scenery was lovely – natural and man made.

The main photo shows us following the 1972 Mini 1275 of Paul and Chris Hartfield. We are also following the Mini in the Classics table and we are always around them on the road. We can make some progress on the tarmac as we have 3.8 litres to their 1.275 and often get past and get to the time trials ahead of them. Each competitor is started at 1 minute intervals on the time trials and sitting in the start queue looking in the mirror we see them – Paul is very tall and his head touches the roof of the Mini, Chris is not, and we can just see a set of eyes above the dash.

Amusing as this is we see them don headphones and microphones and, while on smooth tracks we can stay ahead, on the rough we drive like Miss Daisy and are overtaken within a couple of minutes of the start and the catch up begins all over again. Our failure to catch them is not helped by the fact that Chris mentioned that they are just cruising along humming ‘the bubble car song’



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